Guy Fieri Launches New Flavortown Sauces Lineup

The Flavortown Sauces range boasts a variety of tantalizing flavors, from the classic Smokin’ Hickory BBQ to the zesty Poppin’ Jalapeno. Each sauce is meticulously crafted to deliver mouthwatering taste with every bite.

Here’s a closer look at the lineup:

  • Famous Donkey Sauce: Why is it called Donkey Sauce? Because if you don’t dig this creamy, garlicky, flavor-bombed aioli, you’re probably a jacka$$!
  • Top Secret Sauce: It’s so good, the recipe is locked up in a vault at Fort Flavortown. A creamy aioli with dynamite sparks of chili powder, subtle mustard, and garlic that’s good on everything.
  • Honey Mustard Sauce: Real Deal Honey Mustard Sauce has all that tangy mustard and sweet honey creaminess you’re gonna wanna dip, spread and drizzle.
  • Poppin’ Jalapeno Sauce: Fires up the flavor jets fast with a combination of spicy jalapenos, creamy aioli, and a garlicky punch.
  • Kickin’ Chipotle Sauce: Brings the heat with a combination of smoky chipotle, a side-kick of chili, and a roundhouse of spices that builds mouthwatering heat bite after bite.
  • Smokin’ Hickory BBQ Sauce: A true pitmaster classic with the just-right balance of sticky, sweet, smoky and tangy that’ll have you saucin’ with authority.
  • Mop Sauce BBQ Sauce: Your Flavortown Insurance policy against dry, boring barbecue. Chile, spices, molasses, some mustard tang, all workin’ together to keep that meat moist.
  • Guy Fieri Launches New Flavortown Sauces Lineup

  • Carolina Style BBQ Sauce: A winning combo of tangy mustard, a little sweetness and savory spice that you’re gonna dig. Go for the gold.
  • Money Honey BBQ Sauce: Just what you’re lookin’ for. Sweet, sticky honey pulls together brown sugar, a hint of tomato and spices that’ll upgrade any dish…and you can take that to the bank.

Food aficionados can get their hands on Flavortown Sauces nationwide starting March 2024, with prices ranging from $4 to $5 per bottle.

Image via Flavortown

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