Mercedes-Benz joins the Aura Blockchain Consortium

Launched last year, thanks to its secure digital format, the consortium relies on blockchain technology to ensure transparency and traceability of products and product sourcing, thus increasing customer trust.With the advent of the metaverse, the consortium has also accelerated its activities in the development of its technical roadmap to include various NFT solutions (non-fungible tokens), always in line with its collaborative concept “by luxury brands for luxury brands.”

“We are delighted to welcome Mercedes-Benz as our fifth founding member, coming from an entirely new sector of the luxury industry. This is a concrete step towards our overarching strategy to welcome all sectors of the luxury industry […] We are certain that the team of Mercedes-Benz will make an enormous contribution to our association and the development of a uniquely advanced technology through the significant opportunities offered by our solutions in relation to our activities related to upstream and downstream solutions, as well as to the ones related to NFTs,” said Daniela Ott, secretary general of Aura Blockchain Consortium.Speaking at a conference, Stefano Rosso, who heads BVX (Brave Virtual Xperience), the cluster created by OTB to develop projects and content dedicated to the virtual world, also welcomed the arrival.“Mercedes-Benz is the first car company to join usคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. They are very technical and will help us push the boundaries within the consortium,” he said.
คำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง

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