Review- Mission Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One

At the end of the apocalypse, after the sun has fried every flower and tree, as the last skyscraper turns to dust, when each extant cockroach has gone belly-up with x’es for eyes, there will be one man standing tall, or somewhat tall: Tom Cruise is forever, and if that idea may have seemed mortifying 40-odd years ago, when he was mugging his way through thinly disguised navy recruitment a…

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The 5 Best New TV Shows Our Critic Watched in June 2022

June should probably be the weakest month of the year for TV. Not only have the handful of network shows worth watching gone on summer hiatus, but also, because Emmy eligibility ends on May 31, June has become the television equivalent of January’s movie-release wasteland. A lot of the titles we’re getting now are ones that platforms didn’t see the point of rushing out in the …

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As Kickstarter Launches a 4-Day Workweek, Its CEO Steps Down

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As interest in the four-day workweek gained momentum last year, one US company’s plans to pilot such a nontraditional schedule offered extra legitimacy to the approach. Last June, Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform, announced that it would exp…

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Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers on Inflation Worries

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When a former Democratic Secretary of the U.S. Treasury raises alarm bells about the potential harmful consequences of the current President’s economic p…

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Disney Sues DeSantis, Alleging Political Effort to Hurt Business

Walt Disney Co. sued Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, alleging he is retaliating against the company for speaking against his policies and threatening billions of dollars in business.

The company filed the lawsuit Wednesday in federal court in Florida.

“A targeted campaign of government retaliation—orchestrated at every step by Governor DeSantis as punishment for Disney&rs…

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Elon Musk- ‘My Career is Mars and Cars’

For Elon Musk, Monday evening was a family affair. Waving to his mother Maye Musk in the audience, and balancing his toddler X Æ A-Xii (pronounced “X”) on his knee, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO sat down for a Q&A with TIME Editor in Chief Edward Felsenthal. Musk had just been named TIME 2021 Person of the Year, and gathered with TIME editors and members of the TIME100 communit…

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How Google’s Epic Legal Defeat Threatens the App-Store Industry’s $200 Billion Business Model

Google’s legal defeat at the hands of Fortnite maker Epic Games Inc. threatens to roil an app store duopoly with Apple Inc. that generates close to $200 billion a year and dictates how billions of consumers use mobile devices.

The loss — handed down by a San Francisco jury on Monday — is a blow to the two companies’ business model in apps, where they charge commissions of…

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‘We’re Back.’ Far-Right Groups Celebrate Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover

While much of the online world reacted with surprise and skepticism when news broke of Elon Musk’s stunning $44 billion acquisition of Twitter on Monday, some corners of the Internet broke out in jubilation. “Today is a massive cause for celebration!” one user posted on the messaging app Telegram.

That user, a conspiracist who goes by BioClandestine, was suspended from T…

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The U.S. Said It’d Give Billions to Chipmakers. Now Come the Layoffs

When a group of semiconductor companies, including Intel Corp., lobbied Congress to pass the $52 billion chip-stimulus bill earlier this year—one of the biggest federal investments in a private industry—they argued in part that the subsidies and tax breaks would protect American jobs.

But now just months before the funding applications open, the nation’s largest semicond…

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Musk Plans to Eliminate Half of Twitter Jobs to Cut Costs

Elon Musk plans to eliminate about 3,700 jobs at Twitter Inc., or half of the social media company’s workforce, in a bid to drive down costs following his $44 billion acquisition, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Twitter’s new owner aims to inform affected staffers Friday, said the people, who requested anonymity discussing non-public plans. Musk also intends …

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