Extreme Heat Hits Companies Where It Hurts

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It’s hot out there and getting hotter. The last few weeks have brought some of the highest temperatures on record at great cost to human health and wellbeing. For a moment, the office air conditioning can feel like a refuge from the extremes outside, but it may be time for busine…

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How China’s Economic Slowdown Is Affecting the World

China’s economy was meant to drive a third of global economic growth this year, so its dramatic slowdown in recent months is sounding alarm bells across the world. 

Policymakers are bracing for a hit to their economies as China’s imports of everything from construction materials to electronics slide. Caterpillar Inc. says Chinese demand for machines used on building sites is wors…

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SVB Failure Becomes Fodder in Culture Wars

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank has become the latest target for conservative politicians and news outlets in their mounting campaign against ESG.

The acronym refers to a form of investing that considers environmental, social and governance risk factors. But in the US, many Republicans have also adopted “ESG” as shorthand for a left-leaning agenda that’s un-American.<…

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Netflix Is Cracking Down on Password Sharing. Here’s What You Need to Know

Netflix faced immediate backlash in March after announcing that it was going to begin making some subscribers pay an additional fee for sharing their account with users outside their household. The company then said in an April shareholder letter that it lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 and forecasted greater losses to come. But some users, especially younger ones, are left…

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What Bill Gates Thinks About the Risks From AI

Bill Gates outlined how he thinks about the risks from artificial intelligence (AI) in a blog post on Tuesday. While Gates remains excited by the benefits that AI could bring, he shared his thoughts on the areas of risk he hears concern about most often.

In the post, titled The risks of AI are real but manageable, Gates discusses five risks from AI in particular. First, AI-generate…

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This Female Billionaire Thinks the Secret to Women’s Wealth Is Poker

Jenny Just is a legit self-made billionaire. She won’t say how many billions, but calls a 2022 estimate of one and a half of them “conservative.” You haven’t heard of her, because until now, she’s had no reason to be out in public; with four kids and four companies, she likes to say, she has had plenty to keep her occupied. Plus, rich people often feel safer with a…

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Larry Fink Takes on ESG Backlash

Larry Fink doesn’t want to use the term ESG anymore, and the longtime BlackRock CEO said he is “ashamed” to have been drawn into the political debate over the term. At a quick glance, those comments from Fink made at Aspen Ideas on June 25 might sound like a moment for right wing culture warriors to celebrate. After all, Fink is one of the world’s most influential invest…

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The Best Shows on Hulu to Watch Right Now

Once thought of as the ugly stepsister to Netflix, Hulu has risen within the streaming ranks to become a powerhouse of original content.

The platform has expanded its television offerings in recent years to include a bounty of buzzy limited series, ranging from literary adaptations like Normal People and Little Fires Everywhere to true-crime hits like The Dropout Read more

Chef Mory Sacko Is Building an Empire

This article is part of the 2023 TIME100 Next, our annual list recognizing rising leaders in health, climate, business, sports, the arts, and more. Read more about Mory Sacko—and see the whole list—here.

Even after a few years as a celebrity chef, Mory Sacko is still a little stunned by his rocket ride to the top of Parisian fine dining. His restaurant MoSuke was awarded its …

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The Best, Worst, and Wildest Moments From the 2022 Oscars

While the producers of the 94th Academy Awards tried their best to liven up the Oscars through scripted bits and formal tweaks, it was an unscripted moment that set the Dolby Theater—and the internet—ablaze in the end. About halfway through the show, Will Smith took offense to a joke that Chris Rock told at his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s expense, and went onstage to slap Rock. …

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